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Stick or Twist Castlefiled Gallery
Castlefield Gallery Stick or Twist

Castlefield Gallery announce it’s first Launch Pad of 2017 .

This year’s launch pad is set to be really interesting concept where you’re not really sure whether you see the artists choice or the curators! Either way I’ll be sure to let you know when I’ve checked it out. The exhibition is only on for 10 days so be sure to add to your diaries

Launch Pad: Stick or Twist

3-12 February 2017

Artists: Phoebe Baines, Joel Chan, Aaron Clixby, Daisy Forster, Richard Hughes, Kieran Leach, Richie Moment, Rebecca Moss, and Jeremy Willett.

For its first Launch Pad of 2017 Castlefield Gallery is pleased to present Stick or Twist, curated by CG Associate member and Manchester-based artist Kieran Leach.  Stick or Twist was selected from members’ submissions by guest selector Patricia Fleming, Director of Patricia Fleming Projects (Glasgow), and Castlefield Gallery’s Curator, Matthew Pendergast. Launch Pads are short exhibitions or performances that punctuate the gallery’s main curated programme and provide artists, writers and independent curators with the opportunity to use the gallery as a test bed.

Stick or Twist, the title of the show, is derived from the process of making the exhibition, whereby after making his selection of art works, Leach gave the individual artists the option to ‘stick or twist’ – either exhibit a work chosen by Leach, or swap and include something different.  He relinquished all input as curator, avoiding dialogue, and leaving himself without a say, disrupting his ‘vision’ – for better or worse.

Appropriated and manipulated objects accompany bronze casts, alter egos, Jesmonite, and a girl dressed as a frog – Stick or Twist includes nine artists from across the UK who each demonstrate a plethora of approaches to contemporary visual art. In places, elements of online, social media and the ‘art world’ cultures are satirised, abstracted or condensed; reflecting the aesthetic impact and pervasive reach of digital and screen-based technology.

The original selection of works will be installed as intended momentarily in the closed gallery and documented with a 3D camera, before swapping Leach’s selection as the curator, for that of the artists. During the exhibition 360° videos viewable with VR headsets will be installed in situ, presenting the curators original vision alongside the final exhibition. Time will tell if this produces some kind of compromise between artist and curator, a means for chance encounters, or a comic rendition of the exhibition making process.

Wed – Sun 1-6pm (during exhibitions)