Art in Manchester – Festival Photography, Lemon Projects. Are You Still There?


Art in Manchester
Kendal Calling – Jody Hartley


Art in Manchester this week has the opening of a new exhibition of photography at Northern Quarter bar 33 Oldham Street The exhibition documents three years Cumbria’s ‘Kendal Calling’ Festival. You can see some of the fantastic photographs below and, most importantly, at the end of the exhibition on 15th June, the works will be auctioned off in aid of homelessness charity Big Change who have signed up to the Manchester Homelessness Charter.

More Art in Manchester this week from: Paper Gallery with (UN)Staged. Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art has HE Xiangyu’s Lemon Project. Paradise Works presents a new exhibition from Show Me up curators Precious Innes and Kieran Leach ‘You Still There?’ and finally The Old Bank Residency have artist Linda Hemmersbach and percussionist James Field’s new offering ‘Deep Time’

There’s lots more Art in Manchester to come this month with more exhibitions later this month. BeesBlogs will have more on these next week.


33 Oldham Street hosts ‘Kendal Calling’ Photo Exhibition

Wednesday 15th May – 16th June

Kendal Calling Tiny Tempah – image Jody Hartley

A photography celebration of one of the UK’s most vibrant music festivals is set to go on show at Manchester’s newest music bar, 33 Oldham Street.

Art in Manchester
Kendal Calling – Benjamin Paul

The Northern Quarter venue is to launch its first exhibition, featuring images by the official photographers of the award-winning Kendal Calling, Scott M Salt and Jody Hartley who run the photography team One Eye In With photographs of world renowned stars such as Catfish and the Bottlemen and The Stereophonics, Tiny Tempah, Manchester music legend Clint Boon and Lady Leshurra, partying along with the thousands of festival-goers that make Kendal Calling one of the most vibrant and colourful festivals in the country.

At the end of the exhibition (Saturday 15th June),  all the prints featured will be auctioned off to raise money for Big Change, part of Manchester Homelessness Charter, bringing together people experiencing homelessness, charities, grassroots groups, the council, businesses and individuals to end homelessness in Manchester.

Kendal Calling organisers From The Fields will be celebrating the opening with a DJ set from Kendal Calling Resident Andy Hunt from 7-10pm. Closing party and photo auction takes place on Saturday 15th June, from 2pm with a selection of this years Kendal Calling acts playing live sets throughout the day, followed by the auction. Link FB events page below.

PAPER #53: (Un)Staged – Paper Gallery

PV 16th May 6-9pm Continues 18th May – 22nd June

George Shaw

Curated by Simon Woolham & Yasmin Canvin


Taking the print process and studio as inspiration, the gallery acts as a kind of stage, a place through which narrative unfolds and characters appear on the scene, interacting and leaving traces. (Un)Staged is a collaboration with Leicester Print Workshop, a conversation between Simon Woolham and Yasmin Canvin. The exhibition features work by six PAPER artists alongside two Leicester Print Workshop members.

Sumiko Eadon has created a new series of etchings around memories of her childhood home in Kamakura, Japan.  The images are drawn from memory and without looking at the paper, alluding to a place long lost in time.

Emma Gardner questions ideas of space, concealment and transition through printmaking and evokes a sense of stillness and silence within ambiguous spaces.

Rui Matsunaga draws inspiration from mythology, folklore, and popular culture to reflect an increasingly technologised world, questioning our relationships with nature and other, unseen worlds.

Ilona Kiss’ work is strongly influenced by dreams and nightmares, collective memory, and the question of place and belonging. The poetic qualities of uncertain situations influence her work as such and connect with traditional genres like Romanticism. Her work is drawn to ambiguity and she is interested in the tension between the familiar and the weird, and the real and the imaginary.

George Shaw paints places that were familiar to him in his youth, places in which he “found [him]self alone and thoughtful… along with “the times and all the thoughts I lack the language to describe”.

Ruby Tingle uses a variety of media to create forms that are rooted in natural history and presents an alternate folklore where boundaries between human and animal are obscured.

Simon Woolham’s work is concerned with occupied spaces and the narratives that unfold in them.  His drawings of a tree stump or a broken fence are filled with the meanings of the events that go on around and about them.

Hannah Wooll explores the domestic space and interior life, using unnatural lighting to create dreamlike and static qualities within melodramatic moments of still and uneasy tension.

He Xiangyu – The Lemon Project – Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA)

17th May to 21 July 2019

He Xiangyu Lemon Project 4 image courtesy of the artist

CFCCA are presenting an exhibition of works from He Xiangyu’s Lemon Project, and the premier of his new film Sylvain. The exhibition coincides with the 58th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia where He Xiangyu is one of four artists to represent China.

The Lemon Project refers to He’s ongoing artistic research into the use, perception and representation of yellow and lemon across 24 countries including China, Nigeria, New Zealand, Japan and the UK. In this project He shows that the etymology of ‘yellow’ and of ‘lemon’ are entwined historically across cultures, as well as having a symbolism that transcends borders of language, culture and religion.

Art in Manchester
He Xiangyu, Sylvain 1, Film still Courtesy of the artist

The new film Sylvain (2017-19) presents an alternative and metaphorical discourse about power and control as well as self-identification. In the story, the critical element of a violin – sometimes referred to as the âme, a French word meaning “soul” – has been replaced by a lemon as a mysterious symbol, which leads the protagonist Sylvain to his destiny. With an abstract and disconnecting narrative implying a tension of expecting one’s fate, it navigates through multiple emotional layers constructed by the absurdity of life.


You Still There? – Paradise Works

PV: 17th May 6pm-9pm
Open: Saturdays 18th May – 1st June 12pm – 4pm or by appointment.

Art in Manchester
Kieran Leach Court Napping 2019

Art in Manchester also has starting this week, Show.Me.Up are presenting ‘You Still There?‘ at Paradise Works. An exhibition featuring works that represent the human form in abstracted, fragmented and anthropomorphic ways.  Featuring Paradise Works members Precious InnesKieran Leach and Robin Megannity who will be exhibiting alongside  Jasmine Jones and Thomas Van Linge.


DEEP TIME – The Old Bank Residency

PV: 17th May 6-9pm – Exhibition Continues until 14th June 2019

Linda Hemmersbach -Deep Time

‘Deep Time’ is an exhibition and collaboration between artist Linda Hemmersbach and percussionist James Field, exploring the possibilities of painting through animation, sound, and site-specific installation. Inspired by a recent journey to Assynt in the Scottish Highlands, the works explore notions of geological time and movement of the earth, and ancient landscapes.

Throughout the exhibition, a sense of shifting and moving of elements is implied through the use of multi-part compositional structures and arrangements. Subtle dualities within the work suggest fragmentation and continuity, fluidity and solidity, immediacy and the ungraspable, evoking a psychological and atmospheric space.