Art in Manchester – Kate Davies, 100 plus artists and Poetry in Longsight

Art in Manchester this week has 2 for 1 at Altrincham’s Air Gallery, with Homeness a solo exhibition from Claire Tindale, and Micro, which, as it sounds, is art in smaller piece from national and international artists numbering 100+. Kate Davies solo exhibition ‘Land Remains’ at Rogue Artist Studios in Gorton, and poet and playwright Hafsah Aneela Bashir will be ‘Re-writing Longsight‘ as part of the Manchester Literary Festival.

Reminders: This years GM Arts Prize needs your submission by 5th May. Shortlist will be announced on the 17th May so you need to get a move on if you’re thinking of entering. It’s a great prize!  On the 24th April Art Across’ Sara Riccardi will be holding a curated conversation with Saul Hay Gallery exhibitors from their current ‘Technique’ exhibition. Artists taking part in the panel are artists : Ian Chadwick, Helen Davies, Helena Denholm and Mark Gibbs. Last reminder is for Castlefield Gallery and their UNDOING exhibition exploring how buildings, places and artefacts are re-used, re-interpreted and remembered. On until next month


HOMENESS – Air Gallery – Altrincham

PV Thursday 18th April 6-9pm continues until 11th May

Claire Tindale – Homeness Air Gallery

Air Gallery Altrincham’s Contemporary Art space launch two exhibition this week. The first, Homeness is a solo exhibition of new and existing work by artist Claire Tindale, which uses the miniature and variations in scale, to explore aspects of our relationship with home on an individual or collective level.

With an emphasis on sculptural pieces, Tindale brings together a collection of works which explore different perspectives of home like qualities. These vary from how we utilise the space that we occupy on a personal level to the wider societal impact on living spaces brought about by the philanthropy of industrialists and the creation of ‘model villages’.

Art in Manchester
Claie Tindale – Choc House 1 – ‘Homeness’ Air Gallery

Having previously used chocolate as a medium in reference to the model village of Bournville, she now turns her attention to wool, generating exploratory sculpture work in response to another industrial model village, Saltaire.

The miniature is used as a conceptual framework in Tindale’s work, to explore physical and psychological spaces, responding to environments and those that occupy them. A hospital, an empty office building and a library, are just some of the spaces that she has been commissioned to respond to.

MICRO -Air Gallery – Altrincham

PV Thursday 18th April 6-9pm continues until 11th May

Victoria Wright ‘Kin2’ Micro – Air Gallery

Accompanying Homeness in the main space is Micro; an open theme exhibition of over 100 small works by rising stars in contemporary art from across the globe. These small-scale pieces are great addition for collectors who are seeking to fill in small spaces and niches in their collection or for those who are just starting out and want to support early career artists. Items on show will be by both well-known and new talents working across a vast range of media.


Land Remains – Kate Davies

Rogue Artists Studio until 28th April

Art in Manchester
Land Remains Kate Davies – Rogue Artists Studios

Kate’s work is born when out in the countryside it is the forgotten and neglected corners with their disorderly debris that attract her. The paintings are about the contrast between these untidy, muddy accidents and incidents in the landscape and the lovely distant views of changing light and weather, it is about the precarious balance between order and chaos.  It’s important that the paintings convey a sense of space and light, and from time to time she’ll go out with a sketchbook to draw outdoors. Larger works are made in the studio and develop over a period of months or years, with several worked on at a time. Kate also refers to photographs of different places during the progress of a painting which represents a distillation of experience and memory. Sometimes she incorporates collaged bits of photographs into the paintings as a way of providing an area of sharp focus, like a half remembered glimpse of detail. But Kate also works with the paint as a medium allowing accidents, layers, washes, dribbles, to intervene where necessary. Her studio is never tidy, paintings lie on the floor waiting for the drips to dry, whilst other paintings are propped against the walls where she can look at them from the corner of her eye. She will often rework, change her mind, hoping that a certainty will arise and continue like this until she is satisfied.

Kate Davies Invite Land Remains

Kate’s  exhibits are chosen from the her output spanning several years and gives the opportunity to appreciate her lifetime achievements as a painter.  She has lived and worked in Manchester for almost 35 years.


‘Re-writing Longsight’

Thursday 25th April 11-3pm – Longsight Library – Part of Manchester Literary Festival

Art in Manchester
Hafsah Aneela Bashir

Poet and playwright Hafsah Aneela Bashir is a founder and co-director of the arts collective Outside The Frame Arts, platforming voices from outside the mainstream. Her acclaimed one woman show Cuts of the Cloth, exploring Muslim women’s relationship with the Hijab and the impact of the war on terror, was a highlight of this year’s Push Festival. A passionate performer, she wowed audiences at last year’s Manchester Literature Festival with the launch of her debut poetry collection The Celox And The Clot.

Hafsah will involve local residents in the creation of specially commissioned poetry exploring the beating heart of the city. Her residency will begin on Thursday 25th April, 11am – 3pm, when she will immerse herself in the hubbub of Longsight Library. She would love for local people to drop in for a chat about their experiences of living in Longsight – what brought them to the area, what makes it a unique place to live, what they love (or don’t) about Longsight and what dreams they may have for the future. She also invites local residents to join in the conversation by finding and responding to one of her channeh chat ‘menus’ that will be placed in key locations around the area, and bringing their filled in ‘menus’ to the front desk at Longsight Library.

Hafsah will also be inviting participants from local community groups to share a curry and a conversation with her at Anmol café in Longsight. As Hafsah says, “Food may nourish your body but community nourishes the soul. In sharing stories and food with local people I hope to get to know the Longsight they know, and get a feel for the fabric of the place.”