Art in Manchester – New Exhibitions & Events in March

Art in Manchester this March kicks off with lots of new exhibitions and events with a one day event encompassing contemporary art , workshops and live performances from EARTS  on 8th March at Whitworth Locke,  two exhibitions from Air Gallery, Rogue Artists Project Space have Mateus Beznitz solo exhibition. Girl Gang at The Lowry, plus Paper Gallery have exhibitions from Susannah Douglas & Gareth Bunting……Enjoy!!

Don’t forget that Jasdeep Singh Degun celebrated Sitar player will be performing at the RNCM on 11th March. Info

EARTSfeté 2020  March 8th

2 – 4pm Exhibition & Workshop /6 – 9pm Live Performance Event

PWYD (Pay what you decide with donations supporting future EARTS events

Art in Manchester
M Ogorzalek Visual Design Untitled – EARTS Fete

A Collective of 18 established and emerging artists from mainland Europe showcase their work. Visual and digital art, photography, poetry, music, sculpture, costume design, creative workshops, sound and audio-visual performance and art-swaps.

Art in Manchester
Mateusz Beznic untitled – EARTS Fete

The artists, originally from countries including Austria with Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Romania, now live and create work in Manchester, adding to the diverse creativity that springs from the city.

Art in Manchester
Baiba Auria – Stop Being Poor (blue) EARTS Fete

Ruta Skudraite, Co-Founder of Europia Art Collective (EARTS) and Project Coordinator said “In this socially and politically uncertain time in the UK, we came together to bring awareness to the European tradition and weave its beauty into the wider fabric of Manchester’s art scene. Europia Art Collective launched in March 2019 and we already have an incredibly strong community of artists, who have been able to re-discover and appreciate their heritage more deeply, and do so in a very safe, supportive, and nurturing space created by the collective. All of us have grown in our authentic expression much more within EARTS than we could have done independently. It is fascinating to watch our members gain confidence and become bold and active participants in the creative conversation of the city.”

Katarzyna Jablonska-Untitled2 -EARTS Fete

Formed in March 2019, EARTS have previously showcased their work at Envirolution Festival, Manifest Arts Festival, Northern Rebellion, Sustainability Diaries, Hulme Winter Festival and in the windows of the art suppliers Fred Aldous, Manchester.

Karol Kochanowski, Artist said “Being a member of Europia Art Collective gives me the confidence I was missing since the start of my career as an artist. The Collective is building its status within Manchester’s thriving art scene and I feel proud to be part of it.”

Karol was recently announced as the winner of the Manchester Open Award: Granada Foundation Gallery exhibition at HOME.

Art in Manchester
Karol Kochanowski, S19E01, 2019 – EARTS  Fete

Europia Art Collective (EARTS) are: Baiba Auria, Portrait Artist; Corina Bibere, Digital Visuals/Visual Projections; Mateusz Beznic, Visual Artist; Aleksandar Iliev Brayanov Digital Visuals/Visual Projections; Kush Choterra, Executive Director Europia/Co-Founder EARTS; Sanja Govorcin Singer/Songwriter; Katarzyna Jablonska, Painter; Kristina Karpanuka Painter/Body Artist; Magdalena Kij Costume Designer/Makeup Artist; Karol Kochanowski, Painter and Community Outreach Officer; Anya Mikolajczyk, Sculptor/Poet/Art Therapist; Miroslaw Ogorzalek Graphic Designer; Amalia Serban, Digital Visual Art, Ruta Skudraite, Project Coordinator/ Co-Founder EARTS; Ivona Torovin, Painter; Inga “Eye” Zeimyte Painter; Tomas “Tea” Zitkauskas, Sculptor/Poet and Kristina Zvinakeviciute, Photographer.   

Tomas Tea Zitkauskas Tribal Wood 2017 EARTS Fete

EARTS is funded by Arts Council England.
EARTSFête 2020 is supported in-kind by Whitworth Locke and Fred Aldous.
EARTS is supported in-kind by: 42nd Street, Castlefield Gallery, Centrala, Fred Aldous, HOME.

Venue/ Location: Whitworth Locke, 74 Princess Street, Manchester, M1 6JD, UK


Art in Manchester:

Air Gallery – AFE International

Vasiliki Pagkalis – Air Gallery

P.V: Thursday 5th March 6-9pm
Exhibition Continues until Saturday 7th March 5pm.

Art in Manchester
Molly Kempner – Air Gallery

“In the lead up to International Women’s Day, AFE will be presenting the work of eight female artists from around the world. They will explore femininity, displacement and other-worldliness, across a range of disciplines. Expect dark illustrations, ethereal photography and everything in-between. This is a show not to be missed. ”


Art in Manchester
Charlotte Hicks – Air Gallery


Vasiliki Pagkali, Alexa Gatti , Mei Kay Cng, Charlotte Hicks , Molly Kempner, Margo Helen, Loui Thomas, Persis Vaughan


Art in Manchester:

LUCKY DIP – Air Gallery

Pv: Thurs 12 March 6-9pm
Exhibition continues until 4 April.

Lucky Dip – Air Gallery

This exhibition is based purely on the theme of chance!

By removing the control attached to Open Call selection, 20 artists were purely chosen by chance in a Lucky Dip Draw*. This gave every artist equal opportunity to have their works elected for the show regardless of background, education, status or connections. It also removed part of the curatorial control, making for a more challenging and interesting show to curate.

Maria Letsiou – Air Gallery

The resulting show is an eclectic mix that shows the broad range of contemporary art that exists on a local, national and international scale. By removing the curatorial control, this has led to interesting correlations to develop at random and ultimately create surprising new narratives between the works.

Art in Manchester
Carrie Doughty – Air Gallery

When visiting this show, make sure to vote for your favourite piece of work on show. The winner of the public vote will be announced on the last day of the exhibition at 4pm.


Art in Manchester:


The Lowry – Pier 8, The Quays, Sat 14 March – Sun 5 April 2020

Art in Manchester
Everything I Know, I Felt – Lucy Ridges

Everything I Know, I Felt is an experiential exhibition exploring the diverse emotional experiences of women. Celebrating big feelings in all their messy, multifaceted glory, the work embraces emotional intelligence and questions the societal value of vulnerability. The exhibition provides a visually stimulating, tactile and empowering space for response, reflection and connection, including interactive installations, community projects, film, photography, performance, painting and poetry.

Girl Gang – The Lowry

Comprised of new commissions and collaborations, the curation echoes the collective’s ethos to platform local talent, showcasing work from Manchester’s creative community, exhibiting at The Lowry for the first time. Alongside the exhibition is a programme of events from parties, panels and performances to drink and draws, destruction, debates and a teen takeover. More details to be announced soon.

Girl Gang -The Lowry

Artists Include:

Ellie Ragdale, Jeni Holt Wright, Kirsty Morrisey,  Anna Horton Cremin, Megan Marie Griffith, Eliyana Evans, Sophie Broadgate, Yandass Ndlovu, Lowri Evans, Lucy Ridges, Jackie Hagan, Tasha Whittle, Natalie Linney, Keisha Thompson, Selena Laverne Daye, Alison Erika Forde,  Jenny Gaskell, Kate Radford, Hannah Mclennan-Jones, Saffa Khan, Hanaa Cara.


Art in Manchester:

hi! i’m beznitz – MATEUSZ BEZNITZ

Rogue Project Space – 7 – 29 March 2020
Preview: Friday 6 March 6 – 9 pm

Art in Manchester
hi i’m beznitz

‘hi! i’m beznitz’  is an exhibition of Mateusz Beznitz’s paintings created from the time of his arrival in the UK in September 2016 up to the present day. The exhibition showcases his large scale paintings as well as a series of over 30 small abstract portraits. Marking a new period of time in his life, all of these works have been created in the UK – most in his current studio at Rogue, and others back in 2017 in his flat.

Beznitz invites you to explore, contemplate, interpret, enjoy or dislike his work. His abstract expressive paintings are rather detached from conscious decision making and reveal intuitive aspects of his humanity. Some would say they almost feel like visual poems.

He is a member and resident of Rogue Artists’ Studios & Project Space CIC, co-founding member of Europia Art Collective, and member of Artists Union England. The exhibition has been curated by Karol Kochanowski, co-founding member of Europia Art Collective.


Susannah Douglas -Video Stills – Paper Gallery

Exhibition 29th Feb – 11 April
Art in Manchester
Susannah Douglas – Video Stills

Susannah Douglas makes small drawings in pencil and ink working from amateur photographs and videos sourced from the Internet. These are personal attempts to capture moments and memories reduced to transient copies. The owners and subjects are generic; their narratives have become absorbed into the proliferation of images uploaded to the Internet. In her transcription of the image, Douglas uses small interruptions, often similar to those encountered in the process of documenting such as cropping, repeating, mirroring and layering. For her solo exhibition at PAPER, Douglas has focused upon images of a figure dressed up as 3D representations of fictional 2D characters.

Gareth Bunting – At The Cross Junction – Paper Gallery

Art in Manchester
Gareth Bunting – At The Cross Junction
Exhibition dates: 29 February – 11 April 2020
Gareth Bunting is fascinated by how places and experiences exist in the mind. In painstaking detail, he draws dreamlike, sprawling, and fantastical landscapes with his signature dry brush and ink technique. Bunting’s existential ‘landscape portraits’ are a kind of visual diary, revealing snapshots of conflicted memories within a given space. Beginning with the autobiographical, a narrative unfolds which attempts to portray the collective unconscious of humanity and the hyper-real world we now live in, putting into question many current social and political issues.