Art in Manchester – Spring Exhibitions

Art in Manchester – Spring Exhibitions

Art in Manchester
Steve Heaton ‘KING’ – Saul Hay Gallery

For Art in Manchester – Spring Exhibitions I’ll be giving you blog updates through-out April to keep you up to date with what’s on and where you can catch some of the best Art in Manchester! Happy Viewing!!

As the clocks go forward and we can look forward to lighter nights, and hopefully, warmer weather Manchester galleries have launched their Spring Exhibitions. In this blog we have new exhibitions from PS Mirabel and Saul Hay Gallery. Paper Gallery. ‘INTERFACE’ Just opened at Neo:Studios, Artzu launch their Spring offering. Don’t forget to let me know of your next contemporary art exhibition in Greater Manchester. and I’ll try to feature it in one of my blogs! 

Manipulate – Saul Hay Gallery 7th April – 3rd June

Saul Hays latest group exhibition ‘Manipulate’  features some artists that have previously exhibited with them such as Gareth Griffiths  Rachel Grimshaw and Stephen Snoddy  in their Colourists exhibition  and asks that ‘Through the manipulation of shape, marks, composition and material these artists evoke a strong sense of mood, emotion and place’

The exhibition will feature works in painting, collage, sculpture, print and video.

Gareth Griffiths | Rachel Grimshaw | Steven Heaton | Martyn Lucas | Georgia Noble | Stephen Snoddy


Art in Manchester
Georgia Noble ‘Wipe the Sky Away’ Saul Hay Gallery



Gareth Griffiths – is a Welsh Sculptor based in Leeds and a Member of the Royal Society of British Sculptors, He was shortlisted for the prestigious Welsh young artist of the year award for the National Eisteddfod

Rachel Grimshaw – an artist based in Wigan who works with clay. ‘My work is about the clay; its pliable, immediate qualities. Like a photograph capturing a ‘frozen moment’ this material when fired fixes forever a gesture, an impression. All my work is solid and the marks are created by impressing found objects, their origins occasionally hinted at. How the light interacts with a piece is an important factor in the presentation of the work.’

Steven Heaton – an award-winning artist and director at Cross Street Arts in Standish, Wigan. Heaton’s work examines time, memory and human interaction within the world, and above all nature’s dominance. His work is often referred to as ‘time pieces’, representing a world without us, and allowing us to examine what remains.

Martyn Lucas –  is a freelance artist, curator and educator, and in addition to his painting practice, works on projects with artists and communities in Greater Manchester, Lancashire and Yorkshire. For ten years Martyn managed the Turnpike Gallery in Leigh. Martyn’s recent practice has returned to landscape, and the use of watercolour, pastel and collage.

Georgia Noble – graduated from The Manchester School of Art in 2015 and currently works from her studio at AWOL in Ancoats.   “In my practice I aim to transcend the conventions of traditional landscape painting in order to present the viewer with a sense of space that, through both expressive mark making and the thin layering of oil paint, goes beyond the physical and real to evoke a sense of somewhere ‘other’.

Stephen Snoddy – Stephen Snoddy is both an artist and internationally renowned curator and gallery director who is currently Director at The New Gallery, Walsall.

Camera Optional – PS Mirabel 6th April –


Art in Manchester
Camera Optional PS MIrabel


Camera Optional. The exhibition will showcase new and recent work by emerging and established artists who use photography and digital images in their practice. Exhibiting artists are Chloe Ashley, Hannah Farrell, Pat Flynn, Steve Hunt, Steph Shipley and Olga Woszczyna.

Exhibiting artist Steph Shipley ‘s work ‘Just around the corner …’ said:

Places that exude a sense of past, a public fascia and private interior; where a gap or an interval might pervade their obsolescence or revival, are a frequent source of curiosity.  Temporary sites and spaces that vanish as swiftly as they appear, such as the circus and fairground of this work, hold the same allure as those that accumulate time and those that forbid or restrict access or withhold clear answers in terms of their purpose or history.  Through film, photography and printmaking I expresses notions of loss, transience and nostalgia within these sites of heterotopia or otherness.” 


Art in Manchester – Paper Gallery – Dividing Rules: The Line Between 7th April – 12th May

Art in Manchester
Dividing The Line – Paper Gallery
Alice Anderson, Biggs & Collings, Jemima Brown, Tiny Domingos, Bella Easton, Jane Harris, Georgie Hopton, Vincent James, Tim Noble, Sinta Werner

PAPER presents Dividing Rules: The Line Between. Curated by London-based BEASTON Projects, the exhibition explores the use of line in the work of ten contemporary artists. Their process-driven practices are motivated by the tension between certainty and chance. Some explore the boundaries of geometric abstraction, others use an appropriated line, or one created via an external agency. Here everything has a beginning and an end, bridged by order, balanced by organic matter. A fine line where decision-making contradicts, straddled between a dichotomy of structure and collapse. A paradox where things connect and uncouple and order meets accident for equilibrium to be reached. There needs to be structure in order to abandon it.

The exhibition displays works on paper by internationally renowned and emerging artists that explore the similarities and dissonances of divisions and boundaries through two main areas: those through the formal links to line and form through rhythm, repetition, sequencing, abstraction, tactility or recurring motif through geometry and symmetry; and this then overlapped by the artists’ ongoing interests that anchor their practice.


Art in Manchester – Spring Exhibition – Artzu

Art in Manchester
Nick Coley The Wave 3 ARTZU Gallery

Manchester independent gallery ARTZU  have announced their Spring collection of new works by some well-known artists. Tim Garner’s Manchester urban landscapes, Nick Coley’s collages, Matt Wilde’s Manchester crowd scenes,  Chris Acheson’s photo realism and works by Stephen Farley, and from Berlin, James Cummins.

Art in Manchester
Tim Garner Princess Street Walk

Art in Manchester – Snippets:

INTERFACE – Neo:Studios 31st March -20th May

Art in Manchester
Sandra Bouguerch ‘MUGS’

Now open and although I’ve not had a chance to see it yet, has had an excellent feedback  on Social Media ‘INTERFACE’  is curated by three neo:artists members, Lucie Wilson, Sandra Bouguerch and Sume Leyden, who have invited a diverse group of 23 regional, national and international artists to work creatively around their personal interpretation of the theme. Sandra says ‘The artists responded to the invitation with tremendous enthusiasm and ingenuity.’ Visitors to the exhibition will find an eclectic mix of exhibits, from interactive mirrors which turn to face the viewer, virtual reality installations, futuristic animations and sound pieces, as well as paintings, videos and 3D artworks.