Art2c in Manchester – November Snippets

November Snippets – Art2c in Manchester this month

Now that the Manchester Contemporary and Buy Art Fair are over what can Manchester art lovers see in November?

Hetain Patel  Raqs Media Collective | HOME | Air Gallery | The Old Courts | Saul Hay Gallery | Bury Art Museum 

Hetain Patel – ‘Don’t Look at the Finger’ at Manchester Art Gallery


November Snippets
Victoria Shulungu – Hetain Patel’s ‘Don’t Look at the Finger’

The current must see for me is part of the New North and South exhibition which celebrates the 70th Anniversary of India’s independence and the partition of Pakistan and later Bangladesh. Hetain Patel has a double  video installation The Jump, one for Spiderman fans, and Don’t Look at the Finger. The title comes form Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon, where he warns a young apprentice to “never look at a finger that is pointing to something, lest you miss what it is pointing at”

November Snippets
Scene from Hetain Patel’s ‘Don’t Look at the Finger’

I have to admit that this video of what appears to be, by the dress of the participants, a African arranged marriage complete with family and attendants, has stunning production values. With Victoria Shulungu as the ‘Bride’ and Freddie Opoku-Addaie as the ‘Groom’ taking proceedings from the initial ritual meeting, using sign language, and coy glances, through first contact and then onto, what is literally, a Battle of the Sexes, Kung Fu style, all beautifully choreographed by Chirag Lukha, this video is a joy to watch. The costumes are also worthy of note. Made by Kate Whitehead, they transform from wedding clothes into martial arts style costumes. There are several short vidoes in an adjacent gallery, one of which is an interview with Kate about how she went about making them, which is also worth seeing.

As I said at the beginning this has been a must see for me. So far I’ve been back to see it four times!


Raqs Media Collective at The Whitworth until Feb 2018


Video Interview Courtesy of Ed Tyler & That’s Manchester TV

‘Twilight Language’ is presented by the Raqs Media Collective at the Whitworth. Part of the New North & South Exhibition. The three year programme of co-commissions, exhibition and exchanges is across eleven arts organisations from the North of England and South Asia.

This will be Raqs Media Collectives first major UK solo exhibition. The Collective consists of Jeebesh Bagchi, Monica Narula and Shuddhabrata Sengupta and have been described as artists, curators, editors and catalysts for change.

However you describe them, their exhibition is stunning. From sculpture, which you see before you even enter the Whitworth, to film, 3D printing to textiles this exhibition has something for everyone.

Click on the this link to see all the New North & South exhibitors at the Whitworth as there’s so much to see that I cannot list it all here in November Snippets, however to mention just two:

‘Communard Biscuit’ is made by scanning a square hard tack biscuit that is held at the People’s History Museum in Manchester. A relic of the Paris Commune of 1871. The edible biscuit in the exhibition is a 3D printed version of this scan, moulded from dough and baked. These facsimiles can be eaten – a revolutionary breaking of bread!

‘The Mnemonist Quartet’ I wanted to mention this as the video work portarits are of some of the guardians of Manchester’s history. Ed Glinert – Manchester Tour Guide. Michael Powell, librarian at Chethams Library. Gail Heath is Director of the Pankhusrt Center in Manchester, where Emmeline, Sylvia and Christabel Pankhurst lived. Lastly David Gelsthorpe, is a Senior Curator at the Manchester Museum.

Curiosities – Air Gallery Altrincham 2nd November – 9th December


November Snippets
Curiosities – Air Gallery

Featuring the work of 12 artists from across the UK, Curiosities is an exhibition celebrating the curious and unusual in modern day art. The preview, where you can meet some of the artists and curators, is on Thursday 2nd November with a live performance by exhibiting artist Ruby Tingle  and continues until 9th December. More information 

HOME – The Return of Memory


Part of HOME’s landmark exhibition of Art, Theatre, Film and Tours all based around the Russian Revolution the Return of Memory is on until 7th January 2018 – To see more about HOME’s full programme on this click here

November Snippets
Victoria Lomasko ‘Other Russias’ Courtesy HOME


Unofficial histories, suppressed memories and strategies of resistance all converge in our new major group exhibition, which seeks to redress the legacy of the Russian Revolution on its centenary by exploring how contemporary artists are responding to the state of the ‘New East’ today. Rather than a nostalgic look at the past, new commissions and existing works re-activate and repurpose key emblems and stories of this past – from the avant-garde and revolution to the collapse of the Communist system and ideology – addressing key questions around the concept of The Return of Memory, curated by Anya Harrison, Sarah Perks and Olya Sova.

Artists: The Bureau of Melodramatic Research, Declan Clarke & Sarah Perks, Phil Collins, Callum Cooper, Gluklya, Moon Kyungwon & Jeon Joonho, Irina Korina, Victoria Lomasko, Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe, Yevgen Nikiforov, Marta Popivoda, Aza Shadenova, Ruslan Vashkevich, X-Ray Audio.

In other news: HOME have announce the appointment of Jon Gilchrist as their new Executive Director from January 2018 .Jon come from the Bush Theatre, Shepherds Bush, London and was previously Marketing Director at The Lowry and has previously worked in marketing at The Octagon, Bolton, Dukes, Lancaster and Theatre by the Lake in Keswick

November Snippets:-


Saul Hay Anniversary Exhibition until 12th November

November Snippets
Mike Chavez-Dawson ‘Fountain, fountain – Shifting Sands 2016’


Ending their successful first year with a stand at the Manchester Contemporary last week, Catherine and Ian Hay of the Saul Hay Gallery in Manchester’s Castlefield will be back concentrating on their current anniversary exhibition which has exhibits from 34 artists who have shown their art at the gallery over the last year. You can read my earlier blog interview with Catherine and Ian, and learn more about the exhibition here 

Saul Hay also have an Art Across curated talk with Enzo Marra 3rd November 18.30-20.00 Tickets £10.00 at 

Mike Chavez-Dawson at Bury at Bury Art Museum

November Snippets
Fountain-Fountain-2_800 Courtesy Mike Chavez-Dawson & Bury Art Museum


The brilliant Mike Chavez-Dawson (The picture above in the Saul Hay piece is one of Mike’s) continues his homage to Marcel Duchamp with his Fountain, fountain exhibition at Bury Art Museum Sculpture Centre. On until January 2018 His major multi-layered collaborative art-exhibition ‘Fountain, 1917 – 1964’ (a urinal that was presented on its back, signed R.Mutt and known as a ready-made artwork), celebrates its centenary this year, and is attributed to the Father of Conceptual Art Marcel Duchamp. Well worth a visit.

And finally……One for the Diary!

Jane Fairhurst and Reggie Doherty – ‘The Transit of Venus’ & ‘Guise’

The Old Courts, Wigan 8th December – 20th January 2018

November Snippets
The Transit of Venus – Jane Fairhurst


‘The Transit of Venus’ is a retrospective of Jane Fairhurst’s work over two decades reflecting her ongoing journey into women’s overlooked histories. Research is integral to her practice and gleaning knowledge from multiple sources, informing the work she makes: academic texts, art history, contemporary art, literature and internet are all utilized.

In the Isherwood suite: ‘Guise‘ is an exploration of masculinity and it’s evolution through history within the medium of clothing by costume designer Reggie Doherty. The installation uses photography, and illustration to ask the question “do the clothes make the man?”


Enjoy November Snippets – Go See Manchester’s Brilliant Contemporary Art this November!