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Bee InTheCity – Artist Jodie Silverman Image © David Oates


BeesBlogs – It’s About Art in Manchester. Art in all it’s forms. Exhibitions of Contemporary Art, Painting, Photography, Ceramics, Glass, Sculpture, Installations, Architecture and Design, and wherever art is to be found. Urban, Gallery, Museum, Street, Underground. Art from around the world.(But, mainly Manchester)

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Enjoy your art wherever you find it.

BeesBlogs – Our Aims

My blogs will, I hope, inform, educate and raise awareness of art at all levels and in all it’s forms. I am not an art critic and sometimes feel that when reading the things some critics write, that the intention is to make art more elitist. Art should be about engagement, joy, intrigue, thought-provoking and inspiring. I am someone who wants to inspire people to see art and question, understand, and go away with new experiences. Whatever kind of art it may be, wherever it you find it. To visit galleries and museums when abroad as well as at home. To inspire the next generation of artists as well as those who will become the collectors of the future.

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