Bridgewater Hall – What Love Would Want – Couples Wanted to Participate

Bridgewater Hall – WHAT LOVE WOULD WANT Sunday 17th June

Bridgewater Hall
What Love Would Want – Bridgewater Hall


A music, film, photography and dance installation  

Behind the Scenes, 11am – 6pm, free

Live performance of music and dance, followed by a Q & A with the artists, 7.30pm – 9pm, free, tickets must be reserved in advance

This June, world-class performance artist Lindsay Kemp, singer songwriter Tim Arnold and photographer Andy Fallon will be creating a live interactive display of living relationships live on stage at Manchester’s Bridgewater Hall.

The artists chose Manchester to stage the first of these live multimedia events and will be working in collaboration with The Bridgewater Hall.  There are plans to tour to other cities in the future.

The project was originally initiated in Soho where the first video for Arnold’s song was created, and publicly supported by Stephen Fry who called it 
“A moving portrait of love and diversity”. The video featured real couples of all cultural, racial and sexual backgrounds, including Fry and his husband Elliot Spencer. The song was subsequently play-listed on BBC 6 Music by Tom Robinson and adopted by Amnesty International in a series of live events for their Love Is A Human Right campaign.

For this new installation, Tim Arnold and Andy Fallon will simultaneously create a new video and photographic portraits to accompany the song, each separated by a single screen, this time, with couples from Manchester. The photography and filming capturing an intense and beautiful display of living relationships, will be presented in front of an audience who will have a chance to be on The Bridgewater Hall’s stage and immerse themselves in the production as they spectate, engage and walk through what it essentially a specially constructed film set.

The performance of the finished piece will take place at 7.30 pm and will feature the live recording with Tim Arnold, the 50 strong Manchester Lesbian and Gay Chorus and include a dance interpretation of the song by the legendary Lindsay Kemp, best known for his work with David Bowie and Kate Bush. It will be followed by a Q & A session with Fallon and Arnold, who will be joined by Lindsay Kemp.

Couples wishing to participate in this beautiful art project should email with WHAT LOVE WOULD WANT MANCHESTER in the subject line, and a attach a photograph featuring both partners.

The closing date is 1 June.