Future Cities, PoppyCock,Happy Endings, and Altrincham Gothic

Sina Sparrow – ‘PoppyCock’ Weavers Factory

So.…..after the fantastic event that was the Manifest Arts Festival 2019 and MIF 2019 it’s back to a much smaller, but no less exciting, array of contemporary art to see in Manchester this week.

Poppycock – The Weavers Factory Uppermill

From 3rd August 

Earlier this year I went over to Uppermill in Saddleworth to chat to Julian Bovis and Nigel Durkan two fantastic guys who have renovated a cottage in Upper mill to become a fantastic gallery and art community space called The Weavers Factory.  You can read their story HERE  Their latest exhibition ‘PoppyCock‘  features London POP artist Sina Sparrow. As the nature of the exhibition features some explicit works just be aware that it’s adults only


The Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) has new exhibitions focusing on the intersection of art and architecture. Future Cities: Technopolis & Everyday Life and Jiū Society: Lost in Shenzhen

Future Cities – Lawrence Lek, Pyramid Schemes CFCCA

FUTURE CITIES – Centre Chinese for Contemporary Art

Future Cities: Technopolis & Everyday Life
Jiū Society: Lost in Shenzhen
Friday 2 August – Saturday 19 October 2019

‘Future Cities’ – is a season of exhibitions, screenings, discussions and workshops – focusing on the intersection of art and architecture, imagines the future of society, aiming to stimulate dialogue around urgent issues within urban development.

Rather than a didactic approach, Future Cities: Technopolis & Everyday Life (Gallery 1) with artists Lawrence Lek, Chiawei Hsu, Zheng Mahler, Cinemuse Project and Liam Young, challenges the viewer to consider all aspects of our urban environments through a new lens – including the current discourse around the ways and rate in which cities are changing and its impact on the future. ( I think this will be particularly interesting given what’s happening to Manchester’s skyline!! – BEE )

Jiu Society, Lost in Shenzhen. Image courtesy of the artist

Running concurrently in Gallery 2 is Jiū Society: Lost in Shenzhen, a UK premiere solo show from art collective Jiū Society. This installation consists of sculptures, images and short films housed within an imaginative recreation of a hotel reminiscent of those built in Shenzhen, China during the 1980s, often frequented by migrant workers and escorts.


HAPPY ENDING – Catflap Collective – Bunker Gallery

Preview night: 8th August 6-9pm
Where: Bunker Gallery, 14/20 Mirabel street, Manchester M31PJ.

HAPPY ENDING – Catflap Bunker Gallery

1 year ago, the wide-eyed and naive young catflappers packed up their bindles, and with a paintbrush in hand headed out into the big wide world, never dreaming they would find a piece of paradise deep beneath Manchester’s streets. Finding refuge within Mirabel Studio Bunker Gallery was born and their mission began.

As Catflap collective wave goodbye to Bunker Gallery and hand the space over to the new artist collective Soft Spot, we welcome our supporters for one last soiree.

On Thursday 8th of August Bunker Gallery’s door will swing open one last time. Exposing a collection of paintings hysterically made during Bunkers’ reign. Join us in reflecting upon our last year and witness a shameless display of self-promotion.

Featuring work by Stephen Barr, Ellis Edwards, Gwen Evans, Arthur Simons and Katie Tomlinson.


GOTHIC Extravaganza – A4 Studios Altrincham

10th August 11-7pm

GOTHIC Extravaganza – A4 Studios

Another gallery which has gone from strength to strength this year are A4 Studios in Altincham with the team of owner John Lockwood and managed by artists Bex Wild and Alan Baker the studios have not only put on some fantastic exhibitions, but created a space for art, music and community. Their latest event will be something close to Bex’s heart with a GOTHIC Extravaganza on the 10th August. Its a charity event for the Hog Haven Charity, helping hedgehogs and other critters!

GOTHIC Extravaganza – A4 Studioa

There will be alternative stalls of jewellery, clothing and crafts; live music and entertainment by Lethal Gem, Amore Rocks, Kael Loveless, Nenedhal Absynthium and Dante Layla. During the day there will be free workshops and Gothic poetry and refreshments available to buy.

Always Mystery of the Tongue – HOME

on now until 15th September

Always Mystery of the Tongue – HOME

Always Mystery of the Tongue is a new HOME Projects exhibition by Manchester based multi-disciplinary artist Aliyah Hussain. exploring the complexities of communication and miscommunication through drawings, ceramics and prints.

Drawing inspiration from various visual sources such as emojis, hieroglyphs, graffiti tags, coding, neon signs and inspirational wall decals, the work is also influenced by active networks of ‘conlangers’ working to invent new methods of communication and sharing them online. Using three different science fiction texts as a reference from which to remix elements of speculative storytelling, Always Mysteries of the Tongue is presented across two fictional time periods set in a future far from now.

The project centres on the use and misuse of pictorial language forms, firstly as a presentation of utopian ideals, and secondly in a post-utopian setting where the imagery is taken out of context and rendered into decorative abstract forms, using repetition, speculation and collage.