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Manchester contemporary
We Stand – Richard Heys

Manchester artist Richard Heys ‘Homecoming’ exhibition at the Millyard Gallery in Saddleworth.  ‘Self and Other’ at Neo Artists. ‘Furnished Archipelago’ and Apparel’ at Paradise Works and news of the Manchester Contemporary Art Fund winners. Plus Air Gallery OPEN 2018 is still on and well worth a visit as is Saul Hay’s ‘Being Allowed to Look’ (note they are closed until 22nd August )

Richard Heys – Homecoming

Millyard Gallery Saddleworth 9th Aug -4th Sept

Richard has brought together a group of work for the ‘Homecoming’ exhibition. So called as it’s his first solo show in Saddleworth, where he grew up. The selection reflects the development of his work over the past five years. Richard works predominantly as an abstract artist, although landscapes he has visited, and grown up with inform his imaginations and resurface again and again in his work.

Richard said “I love with a passion the ethereal nature of colour and the physical qualities of paint. I work consciously with the polarities of imagination and image, creating pictures of place and no-place, inner reflections of outer place and atmosphere; working to invite attention to and engagement with surface and depth, outer picture and inner soul-space. I aim to create, to borrow a phrase, “the painting as a doorway”.


Self and Other – neo:artists

neo: Gallery23 Market Place . Bolton 18th August – 23rd September

Artists: Sandra Bouguerch | Heather Burns | Richard Cross | Maureen De Rome | Kevin Lycett | Emma Renold | Jasmine Renold | Tim Smith | Jamie Stanley | David Storey | Susan Syddall | Dennis Whiteside 

Writers: Kate Garrett | Simon Beavis 

Manchester contemporary art
Renold Spare Parts J & EJ Renold

The notion that ‘black implies white, self implies other and death implies life’ is a dualistic take on human existence explored by Alan Watts (philosopher and theologian) in his extensive writing. This exhibition takes these ideas as its starting point, with particular reference to the relationship we have with ourselves, the need for solitude and social interaction that are often in a state of constant flux and dissonance. What is it that happens when we jump into the swimming pool of existence? This metaphor has been used by another philosopher Merleau-Ponty. We can hold ourselves back from participating for whatever reason we may have, and this forms another point of departure for our responses.

Human beings only ever engage by diving into the pool and swimming about. You can hold yourself separate, but this may be the result of blockage, trauma or choice. Existence is am immersive experience of the flesh in all our days and lives. This exhibition explores individuals’ responses to this notion. To extend the swimming pool metaphor even further, we subject ourselves to the experience of living with impaired hearing as if underwater. Our existence is always with our ‘encounter’ and ‘experience’ of the world. In the relationship between ‘self’ and ‘other’ we are in a constant state of ‘becoming’.



18 – 26 August 2018 Preview: 6-9pm, 17th August 2018

Artists: Rowan Eastwood, Jack Ginno, Sam Potter, Alistair Woods. Exhibition Design by James Ackerley.

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Open Depot – Depot open studio 2017 1

After School Club presents Furnished Archipelago, a collaborative exhibition from James Ackerley and Depot artists Rowan Eastwood, Jack Ginno, Sam Potter and Alistair Woods. New works from Depot artists draw on their common interest in the everyday, authorship, time and space, and are jointly presented with new sculptural forms from Ackerley. Serving as furniture, these works invite the audience to sit, lean or look through, challenging the traditional ways that we encounter artworks within the gallery environment.

Furnished Archipelago is the last in a series of critically engaged events and exhibitions facilitated by James Ackerley from his studio base at Paradise Works. After School Club is a shifting network of peer support and collaborative activity for artists, designers and creatives based in Manchester, with support from Arts Council England. Established in 2016, Depot is an artists’ studio space and platform for the exhibition and promotion of contemporary art in Manchester.

Manchester contemporary arts
Open Depot – Depot open studio 2017 3.j


APPAREL – Paradise Works

Open: until 18 October 2018 by appointment Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays, 12-5pm

Artists: Céline Berger, Andrew Gillespie, Ada Van Hoorebeke, Jeremy Hutchison, Jasleen Kaur, Andrew Lacon, Leeds Weirdo Club, Andrew Mania and Fay Nicolson. In collaboration with the local clothing and fashion co-op ‘Stitched Up’.

Manchseter contemporary art

Part of the CO-OPERATIVES SERIES: JULY 2018 –APR 2020
The relocation of the gallery Division of Labour from London to Paradise Works and this inaugural show, Apparel, marks the beginning of a year long research project into co-operatives and mutualism. Over 20 months Division of Labour will enact six exhibitions looking at clothes, food, healthcare, housing, transport and banking. Whilst in Manchester DoL will invite co-operatives and similar organisations to talk about and share their experiences.


The Manchester Contemporary Art Fund Prize 2018

Manchester Art Gallery – Now


Manchester contemporary
Emma Charlotte Price – Artist – Mike I and Mike II

This week sees a monumental moment for artists William Mackrell and Emma Charlotte Price, as their work is displayed on the walls of the prestigious Manchester Art Gallery.

Selected by The Manchester Contemporary Art Fund, a fund created by a set of local business people passionate about their city and its cultural heritage, the young artists have been provided with a money-can’t-buy platform through which to achieve critical acclaim and greater popularity.

William Mackrell represented by The RYDER, and Emma Charlotte Price, represented by Two Queens, were selected from over 150 artists by Fund founders and the curatorial team of Manchester Art Gallery at last year’s ninth edition of The Manchester Contemporary following an exhaustive panel discussion.

Manchester contemporary
William Mackrell – Aquarius

Speaking at a reception last week, Mackrell said: “It’s an incredible feeling to be selected and supported by The Manchester Contemporary Art Fund and a huge personal step to have my work enter its first permanent U.K. public collection at Manchester Art Gallery.

“For ‘Aquarius’ to be chosen to hang in a live dialogue with the Museum’s Pre-Raphaelite collection excites me for the potential to open a new way in for audiences to experience the Museum afresh and make a journey of connections between work made right now and the History of Art.”


The Manchester Contemporary Art Fund have announced that the Fund will continue for 2018.

CEO of The Manchester Contemporary, Thom Hetherington, said: “This is an exciting moment in Manchester’s cultural history as we invest in pieces for the future which generations will go on to enjoy.”