Summer Art in Manchester

Art in Manchester has a real mix this week with the imminent arrival of Manifest Arts Festival and the Manchester International Festival. With lots of exhibitions connected to these two festival. I’ve included some links to help you find out what’s happening!

All Work and All Play – Air Gallery

Art in Manchester

At the forefront of this exhibition is the impulse to investigate or play. Taking inspiration from art movements from the 1960’s onwards, Air Gallery have commissioned 27 UK artists working predominantly in sculpture. These will be interactive sculptures that explore our relationship to art objects and question how we conduct ourselves in a gallery setting and public spaces. Taking place across multiple locations on-site, to create a dialogue between spaces through active audience engagement, live events and workshops. This will be a fully immersive experience that encourages our curiosity and inner child to be unleashed and generate new narratives on what sculpture can be.

Launch night 27th June to meet the artists behind the show.

Late Night event Thursday 18th 6-9pm.

Exhibition continues until the 20th July and will be part of Manifest Arts Festival.

PS Mirabel – PAINT

PV 27th June

Art in Manchester

Paint is a continuation of PS Mirabel’s annual open exhibition. For 2019 it was decided to make it a painting prize. The exhibition will feature over 60 artists selected from a large number of entries. The winner will be selected by our esteemed Judges, Ian Hartshorne, David Hancock and Graham Lister. The winner will be announced at the closing event on the 4th August.


Spotlight – Saul Hay Gallery

4th July – 3rd August
Drinks reception Saturday 6th July 10.30 am – 6 pm

Art in Manchester
Peter Davis – Plastic Fantastic

The latest exhibition from Saul Hay Gallery is Spotlight an exhibition of work by artists living and working in and around Greater Manchester.

Manchester has always been a city of innovation and creativity and shows no sign of slowing down. Artists’ studio groups across the ten boroughs provide mutual support and inspiration to the fathomless pool of artistic talent. In ‘Spotlight’ the gallery explores and celebrates the creative buzz across the county with work from some of the region’s most exciting contemporary artists.

Iain Andrews – Walt

The exhibition has been planned to coincide with Manifest Arts Festival, an artist-curated biennial festival giving visitors an insight into the wide-ranging contemporary art being produced in the North West region.

Art in Manchester
JEN ORPIN Down To Earth

Find out more about this brilliant arts festival here

Saul Hay will also be hosting a special Manifest event by Sara Riccardi of Art Across on Wednesday 17th July 18.30 – 20.00
Artists Studios: Myths, Stories, Lives
More here

Art Across: Romanticised and demystified, represented and researched, interpreted and imagined, the artist studio holds a fascinating aura for the public, while being a necessity, sometimes bearing very little charm, for those involved in the creative practice.

Developed as a response to the vast array of open studios that Manifest showcases, this event will be an inspiring possibility to discover more about and reflect on the studio, in its practical and metaphorical complexities.

An overview of the transformation of the space of the studio, from the medieval artisan workshop to the romanticised sanctuary of solitary creativity, and then the post-modern rejection of this notion, will be followed by the presentation of the voices of Manchester’s own artistic community, which will have been collected through surveys and interviews.

If you wish to contribute to the anonymous survey, follow the link


Exhibition by Depot Art Studios – Old Bank Residency

Launching Thursday 4th July 6-9pm. –Exhibition continues until Friday 2nd August.

Art in Manchester
Depot Art Studios

The current members from Depot Art Studios will be showing their work together for the first time, taking on the space of the Old Bank Residency. The works playfully respond to the architecture, original features and past function of the building that was the old Co-op bank and consider the trace of the people and activity that were once here.

The artists have recently come together as studio members and this space gives the group the opportunity to experiment and test their own practices as well as explore each others’, drawing links between their ideas within the context of this disused, and now repurposed, public space in Manchester.

Each of the five exhibiting artists have very different sources for the origin of their work, yet a common aesthetic somehow brings them together within a collective arena. Works being shown will include methods such as sculpture, drawing, abstract painting, appropriation and institutional critique.


Ibrahim Mahama: Parliament of Ghosts The Whitworth Art Gallery

5 July – 29 September 2019

Event: In Conversation: Ibrahim Mahama
Thursday 11 July, 7.30-8.15pm (Free, no need to book)

MIF19 World Premiere: This major installation reflects on the half-forgotten history of Ibrahim Mahama’s home country: Ghana, whose journey from British colony to independent nation was completed barely 60 years ago.

The heart of Parliament of Ghosts is a haunting assemblage of lost objects, rescued and repurposed to form a vast parliamentary chamber in the heart of the Whitworth. Abandoned train seats and faded railway sleepers, scrapped school furniture and documents from governmental archives: Mahama lends powerful new context to this residue from a nation in transition. Also encompassing painting, sculpture, photography and film, Parliament of Ghosts beautifully evokes the histories and memories of a country and its people asserting their independence.

As part of the MIF19 world premiere of PARLIAMENT OF GHOSTS a unique ‘In Conversation’ with artist Ibrahim Mahama and Alistair Hudson, Director of the Whitworth and Manchester Art Gallery.


Yorkshire Sculpture International –  The Hepworth Wakefield

22 June – 29 September 2019

The Hepworth Wakefield image Nick Singleton

This summer The Hepworth Wakefield will present its most ambitious exhibition to date as part of Yorkshire Sculpture International (YSI), the UK’s largest event to explore and celebrate sculpture. A series of new commissions and debut UK presentations by established and emerging artists from around the world including Tarek Atoui (b. 1980, Lebanon), Nairy Baghramian (b. 1971, Iran), Jimmie Durham (b. 1940, USA), Wolfgang Laib (b. 1950, Germany) and Tau Lewis (b. 1993, Canada) will unfold across the spaces of the David Chipperfield-designed gallery.

The Hepworth Wakefield image credit Nick Singleton

The exhibition at The Hepworth Wakefield is centred around the idea of ‘truth to materials’, a concept adopted by British modernist artists including Barbara Hepworth and Henry Moore, whose work forms the heart of Wakefield’s impressive art collection. The exhibition for Yorkshire Sculpture International responds to their interest in how sculptural form should be determined by the characteristics of the chosen material for the work, and explores how these relationships are approached by artists creating sculptu