Art in Manchester – Why be Exotic in Private? Louise Giovannelli and Slime UR Life

Art in Manchester
1st June 2019

    Jenny Steele – WHY BE EXOTIC IN PRIVATE? –  Rogue Artists’ Studios, PV: Saturday 8th June 2019, 2pm- 5pm Dates: 9th June  – Saturday 29th June 2019. ‘Why Be Exotic In Private? is a solo installation by artist Jenny Steele, which is the result of her research into South Beach Miami’s 1930’s ‘Seaside Moderne’ architecture which was inspired by the long sweeping streamlined curves and details of ocean…


Art in Manchester: Moscow, Kinder Scout & Nippelle Collective

26th April 2019

Art in Manchester this week must start with some sad news. In last weeks blog I included a solo exhibition at Rogue Artists Studios. ‘Land Remains’ by Kate Davies. Many of Kate’s friends were aware of her fight with cancer and that she had recently been told it was terminal. Her great friend of 40 years, fellow artist Sarah Feinmann, posted on Facebook on 23rd April, that Kate had passed….