What’s On? – BeesBlogs Art2c in Manchester

What’s On? – BeesBlogs Art2c in Manchester

What’s On? Well there’s a lot Art2c in Manchester’s already ….and it’s only January!  An interesting collaboration between Castlefield Gallery, Manchester Craft and Design and the Redeye Photography Network try to help answer the eternal question every artist ask every day. “When can I give up the day Job?”

With workshops and advice from those who have managed to go full-time creative, it’s a must if you are considering taking the plunge this New Year!

Also from Castlefield Gallery – If you are up for making a dustpan, then this workshop with Joe Hartley forms part of the Peter Hodgson retrospective: ‘Making, A life’ currently showing at the gallery. Joe will also be conducting a tour of the exhibition. Joe will also be involved , along with Sam Buckley of Stockport’s ‘Where The Light Gets In’ Restaurant for a Q&A at Manchester Art Gallery

Not BeesBlogs usual what’s on, but under Performing Arts we have playwright Tess Humphrey who will be doing a rehearsed read-through of her play Rocket Man at 3MT – Afflecks on Thursday 18th.  The aim is to raise funds for a run at the Edinburgh Fringe this year. A play written with a background of personal experience Tess’s play is about metal illness and how suicide is the biggest killer of young men in Britain today. More information  and booking details below

We also have on-going exhibitions from PS Mirabel, Sloe Gallery and Nicola Dale at The Portico Library. The Portico also have a series of Art history sessions with art historian Sara Riccardi



What’s On? –

Workshop with Joe Hartley – January 20th 2pm-5pm – Castlefield Gallery


What's On?
Joe Hatley


Inspired by artist Peter Hodgson’s approach to making, join Joe Hartley for this practical making workshop. The workshop involves making a useful tool from an otherwise wasted material. On this occasion the material at hand will be the trunks of Christmas trees left over from the festive period, normally destined for the chipper. During the session you’ll use the repurposed pine along other materials and processes to produce your very own dustpan, perfect for tidying up after the Christmas period. The dustpan you make on the day will be ready by the end of the workshop for you to take away and use.

No prior skills necessary.

The workshop will also include an exhibition tour of Making, A Life: The Peter Hodgson Retrospective by Hartley.

Places limited. £20 each. Book at eventbrite


What’s On? –

Rocket Man – By Tess Humphrey 18th Jan 3MT – Afflecks

What's On?
Rocket Man

Set in the heyday of glam rock and science fiction, Rocket Man is a play about family and friends bearing the brunt of a little-understood mental illness. Velvet Goldmine and Withnail & I collide in a small suburb of Cambridge in 1976. This is the latest play from multi-award-winning playwright Tess Humphrey.

Cast and crew
Writer/Director – Tess Humphrey
Tristan – Andy Pilkington
Stephen – Andrew Marsden
Joyce – Evie Brill-Paffard

Preview showing – Thursday 18th January, 7pm. 3MT – Afflecks Tickets £4
This is to raise money and awareness for our full-length run in Edinburgh Fringe, August 2018.

Statement from Tess Hunphrey:

In 2018 we are raising money and awareness so we can take this play to Edinburgh Fringe in August. Despite having some strong glam rock and sci-fi roots, this play is based on a true story and it’s a story that’s happening to millions of people: it’s a story about the humiliation and isolation a young man faces after a failed suicide attempt. Right now in the UK, suicide is the biggest killer of young men, and while campaigns like TimeToTalk are picking up steam, people still face huge social stigma when their mental illnesses become known.
In this play we and we aim to fight the stigma around bipolar disorder, and around men seeking help for their mental health. While our story is based on real suffering, we hope it leaves you feeling hopeful, uplifted and ready to fight for a society where mental illness is treated with openness and compassion.
We are looking to raise £600 so that we can perform our show for two weeks at Edinburgh Fringe, the largest theatre platform in the world, to spread our message to hundreds of people.
To donate or for more information about this project, please visit https://www.patreon.com/Rocketmanplay


What’s On? –

Joe Hartley & Sam Buckley – Talk and Q & A – Manchester Art Gallery

25 January 2018 / 6:00pm-7:00pm


What's On?
Castlefield Gallery

Castlefield Gallery and Manchester Art Gallery invite you to join Manchester-based artist-maker Joe Hartley, and the innovative chef Sam Buckley of Stockport restaurant Where The Light Gets In for a talk & Q&A about their recent visit to South Korea.

In August 2017, as part of the UK-Korea Cultural Season, a group of Korea’s top craftspeople – Living National Treasures (in waiting), as they are known in their home country, or Masters, visited the North West of England as part of a year-long cultural exchange programme called Treasure, between artists and master craftspeople in South Korea and artist / makers in the region.

Whilst exploring Manchester, including Manchester Art Gallery’s collections, and the ‘treasures of Cumbria’, the Korean Masters, Shin Gyung-Kyun, Lim Gae-Hwa and Choe Seon-Hui specialists in black bamboo, pottery (in particular the venerated Moon Vase) and cookery, were introduced to Joe Hartley, Sam Buckley, and Cumbrian furniture-maker and designer Tom Philipson. The artists and makers came together and began a process of exchanging skills and ideas, with an ambition to collaboratively conceive and produce ‘useful’ products that ‘anyone’ can make. Members of the public in Cumbria and Manchester had opportunity to meet, learn, exchange and make alongside the group.

When exploring Manchester Art Gallery’s collections, Master Moon-Vase-maker Shin Gyung-Kyun, was particularly excited by the gallery’s Moon Vase – believing it is particularly special due to its origins and its decorative features which he found to be overwhelming playful.

In November 2017 Sam and Joe traveled together to Busan in South Korea to spend time learning from the Masters, and then onto Gwangju to spend time with emerging contemporary artists based there and associated with artist residency organisation Barim.

Join Joe and Sam at Manchester Art Gallery to hear them reflect on their experience, ask them questions and discover more about Treasure as it will unfold over 2018.

What’s On? –

Don’t Give Up the Day Job

Castlefield Gallery / Manchester Craft and Design Centre / Redeye Photography Network

Saturday 27 January 2018 / 10am-5pm


What's On?
Sam Curtis CIRF

Scrap that NY’s resolution – three of Manchester’s leading talent development agencies for artists, photographers and makers are running a training session on how to best utilise your day job to sustain and grow your creative practice….

Artists and creatives, do you want 2018 to be the year when you can give up the day job? Do you feel like your day job is getting in the way of your artistic dreams? Could your paid-employment nourish it instead? Castlefield Gallery, Manchester Craft and Design Centre, and Redeye, the Photography Network, are running a day of talks, discussions and workshops for artists, photographers and makers who are struggling to juggle their day job with their creative practice, and who want advice on how best to draw skills and inspiration for their creative practice from their paid work.

The full day workshop will include presentations with advice from creatives who have successfully managed to achieve this. Joining the line-up of speakers on the 27th Jan is Amy Wilkinson a jeweller based at Manchester Craft & Design Centre. Amy also works as an armature maker at the world-renowned Mackinnon & Saunders, making stop-motion animation puppets. She’s worked on puppets for films and TV adverts including The Corpse Bride, Fantastic Mr Fox, and Frankenweenie.

Throughout the day there will be a chance to network and get fresh perspectives on what your “bread and butter” work can offer to your creative practice, while also learning top tips from the latest research offered by support organisations such as a-n; The Artists Information Company.

VENUE: Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester


What’s On? –

PS Mirabel Diptych, Triptych, Polyptych

Saturdays until 10th Februsary

What's On?
Diptych, Triptych Polyptych




What’s On? –

The Portico Library

What's On?
Nicola Dale – ‘The Things That Look Back’


Starting on 11th January is Nicola Dale’s installation ‘The Things That Look Back’ you can read my blog for more information here also at The Portico starting 20th January and continuing over 8 weeks is Sara Riccardi of Art Across delivering sessions on ‘An Essential Art History’. You can read my interview with Sara here

What's On?
Sara Riccardi with Mike Chavez-Dawson

What’s On? –

TINY – Sloe Gallery

until 10 February (Same Building as PS Mirabel)

What's On?
Sloe Gallery @TINY’


TINY is  group exhibition showcasing the work of eleven international artists whose work reflects the theme of ‘tiny’ in unique and unexpected ways.

Featuring the work of Anže Sever, Chelsea Abbott, Diccon James, Jake Francis, Joseph Haigh and Helena Gregory, Justyna Adamczyk, Lynn Allingham, Nick Booth, Raffaele Piano and Will Webster, ‘TINY’ brings together a variety of creative practices and mediums ranging from installation, photography and print to sculpture, mixed media and sound art.

Through the lens of ‘TINY’, we invite the audience to reflect on themes including politics, consumerism, history, memory, popular culture, the materiality of type and the interplay between technology, light and sound.

Curated by Robin Sukatorn and Amy Mizrahi